SV Analytica Data Collection

SV Analytica Data Collection

Gain a deeper understanding of people’s attitudes, preferences and opinions

The SV Analytica Data Collection suite of products helps survey and market researchers gain a deeper understanding of people’s attitudes, preferences and opinions. These products help you through the entire research process–from survey design and data collection to data management and clear, timely reporting.  Available for on-Premise deployment, the data collection suite enables you to author and manage surveys in a variety of forms – paper, telephone and online – to learn what drives the behaviour of your customers, prospects, and employees.  It is a single platform for all your needs:

  • Authoring – Author once, deploy anywhere in any language.
  • Collection – Single platform, single survey for all modes and all languages.
  • Insight delivered – Deliver timely insight to decision makers, online or desktop.
  • Analysis & integration
    • Utilize data collection analytics.
    • Blend survey data with behavioral
    • Minimize error.
  • Assets – Secure access to tools, data, and reports.

Author your survey once, deploy it anywhere

SV Analytica Data Collection empowers survey and market researchers in commercial, educational, and government organizations to deploy surveys in any mode:

  • Online surveys
  • Mobile interviewing
  • Phone surveys
  • Face-to-face surveys
  • Paper surveys

SV Analytica Data Collection on-premise offers a full suite of Windows-based products to meet all of your organization’s research needs.