Our approach

Our approach

Smart Vision has a deep heritage and leadership in data-driven transformation and we have worked with numerous organisations, both private and public sectors, to help them transform their data strategy and operations. We continuously leverage innovative, new and emerging technologies to deliver high quality services at optimal cost and have built an extensive repository of analytics, big data assets and governance capabilities to address your data analytics strategy, implementation and its future needs.

Efforts to become an insight data-driven organization have produced a broad range of successes and failures. In fact, according to a recent study from Gartner, big data and analytics projects aren't delivering the transformation companies had anticipated. The study says that almost 85% of all big data projects are failing to achieve their stated goals which means that just 15% are succeeding. Now, of course that doesn’t mean that the rest completely failed, but the fact that such a huge percentage of projects are falling short of expectations is a clear and important warning sign.

Smart Vision along with IBM solutions bring together key capabilities to leverage on-premise data with microservices analytics tools, building the right foundation for data maturity and generating meaningful insights to drive business value.

Smart Vision has developed on its own a wide range of customized and ready-made predictive and machine learning models in different industries specially the banking and financial services. Smart Vision machine learning and predictive models leverage advanced predictive analytic models to personalize customer engagement and deliver customized actions. We can analyze customer transactions and spending behavior to more deeply understand customer needs and propensities, anticipate life events, and help organizations gain a holistic 360 view of the customer.

Key features

  • Append behavior data (what, where, when, how), customer information, and interaction data.
  • Using integrated, prebuilt models, looks for overdraft and churn, life events, and attrition from behavior-based segmentation and micro-segmentation to increase loyalty, revenues and wallet share much more effectively than using spreadsheets and classic segmentation
  • Includes APIs to provide reports and alerts for mobile, online applications and call center.
  • Can feed campaign systems, marketing offers systems, and work with Next Best Offer and other analytics solutions and products.
  • Our models do not replace other reporting tools but extends the reach of a bank’s analytics to add predictive insight using improved segments and micro-segments and machine learning capabilities
  • It smoothly integrates with existing banking IT infrastructure
  • Integrates multiple models for better results than simpler models
  • The power of incorporated machine learning can further enhance accuracy

Use cases

  • Segmentation and micro-segmentation by behavior to better understand customers and provide a holistic 360 view.
  • Predicting life and financial events to personalize offers, deliver alerts, and provide better service to drive loyalty
  • Predicting attrition and product churn
  • Generate segments based on behavior
  • Predict likelihood of financial activities & churn based on behavior correlations
  • Predict future life and financial events
  • Use insights to drive what is presented to clients

Business Benefits

  • Improve cross-sell and wallet share
  • Reduce attrition and product churn
  • Generate new revenue through better offers

We are proposing a seamless integrated platform supporting end-to-end data and analytics lifecycle.