SV Analytica Deployment

SV Analytica Deployment

Maximise return from your analytical assets

The whole purpose of having predictive analysis embedded and central to your business is to put the output of the analytical process to work where it can make a difference, whether that output is predicting customer behavior, forecasting demand or identifying and flagging out of tolerance risk.

It is essential that your models are deployed and the entire process managed. When the people who develop predictive models can effectively collaborate with the people in the business who use the output of the analytical process your overall efficiency will improve. By enabling automation and integration of processes you will begin a cycle of continuous improvement. When you deploy models at the point of interaction your return on investment will accelerate rapidly.

With SV Analytica Deployment Services you will be able to:

  • Store analytical assets in a central, searchable repository and enable standardization and the re-use of models
  • Develop and implement custom interfaces that run analytical processes enabling much greater control over the entire process
  • Empower non specialist users to generate their own output with browser based, wizard like interfaces
  • Make analytical processes operational by initiating specific routines (scores or reports on demand, at a specific time or triggered by another independent event)

Widely share critical business information easily and securely

SV Analytica Deployment Services lets you manage analytical assets, automate processes and efficiently share results widely and securely. Because when the people developing and the people using analytics can collaborate, your analytic efficiency increases.

SV Analytica Deployment Services includes capabilities to help you: