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Smart Vision Technology is an Egyptian-based Company with two main offices in Dubai and London that has proved effectiveness in understanding their customer base and staying ahead of the technology curve.

The company’s mission is to drive the widespread use of data AI in decision-making through analyzing the people opinions attitudes and behaviors. The company’s success has been based upon its ability to demonstrate the very real benefits that the use of IBM technology provides. Underlying this ability is the collective conviction that analyzing data, and incorporating the results into the decision-making process, leads to better decisions.


Over its thirteen-years history, Smart Vision Technology has evolved into a regional corporation that delivers analytical tools and solutions to organizations across 14 – countries in the EMEA region.
While customers and their industries vary, they share a common need to gather insight from the analysis of data.The Company’s analytical range of products has enabled organizations to learn from the past, understand what is happening today and anticipate the future in order to manage it effectively.


In 2007: Smart Vision was appointed the sole distributor of SPSS Inc. in the Middle East.

In 2010: IBM acquired SPSS Inc., where Smart Vision became an IBM Premier Business Partner for the IBM SPSS software and analytics solutions in the EMEA region. Smart Vision has built its own data science and AI center of excellency serving wide range of industries providing full fledge services from business development to sales, technical support, consultancy and project management.

In 2011: Smart Vision Technology became a member of SELECT International the parent corporation for a group of fast-growing companies which operate across the EMEA region to provide advanced solutions of IT systems and services with a major focus on the Data Science concept.

Today: Smart Vision is managing not only the MENA region, but its role has expanded to include the EMEA region.


Analytics tools

We offer a full range of commercial and open source analytics tools. Whatever the size of your project or your level of expertise, we’ll help you get the right tool for the job.


From a quick chat on the phone through to bespoke onsite training courses for you and your colleagues, we can help your team develop the analytical skills they need.

Consultancy and support

Between us we have decades of analytics experience – whether you want help getting your analytics project up and running or you’d like a second opinion on a stats problem, give us a call.


Decades of hands-on analytics experience in numerous different industries.

Expertise in the full range of analytics tools, both commercial and open source.

Help, support and training whatever stage your project is at.

Smart Vision has provided consulting services to a wide range of companies across the Middle East territory for more than 12 years, combining industry best practices with our proven analytical approach.

We can help you wherever you find yourself on the analytics spectrum. If your organization is just starting out, perhaps you have some business intelligence and general reporting infrastructure in place and you now want to begin to squeeze more insight and value from the data you own? We can help you get started.

Perhaps you are further down the analytics spectrum. You may have run a few projects that have demonstrated some initial value. We can help you to take this to the next level, whether that's deploying your models in a more automated way or expanding the scale and range of analysis that you are capable of. We can help here too.

In practical terms, we can help you with initial projects and enablement, we can help accelerate the development of analytics in your business and, if advanced analytics is already a relatively mature practice, we can help with technology integration and measures to enable ongoing continuous improvement.

We offer practical, objective advice and guidance supported with expert resources, professional services and technology provision, all with a focus on advanced and predictive analytics.


  • IBM Predictive Analytics business partner of the year 2015
  • Business Analytics Business Partner Award 2012
  • IBM Business Partner Achievement 2010
  • Best Sales PartnerĀ  2009
  • IBM partner of 2012 for Europe
  • IBM Largest Partner in MEA region 2020

Staff certifications

  • Certifications for Modeler & Statistics
  • Certifications for Cloud Data
  • Certifications for Data & AI
  • Certifications for Python

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